This New Beer Is Made From 50,000 Litres Of Human Urine

With an increasing awareness of food waste come innovative schemes to recycle what we eat and drink. However, the most sustainable options aren’t always the most appealing. That’s certainly the case with Danish microbrewery Nørrebro Bryghus, which has made a new type of beer from human urine.

Nørrebro Bryghus was founded in 2003 in Copenhagen, and now has more than 200 beers to its name, as well as functioning cafe within the same walls. The brewhouse describes itself as “the fairytale of a small local brewery that grew strong”.

The “shining beacon in the young and exciting beer culture” explain their philosophy:

“The ambition, beer wise, was to influence people’s attitude towards beer. We wanted to open their eyes to the wonderful experiences and flavours emanating from the Belgian, German, English and most importantly the new US craft brewing scene – as well as fostering weird and wonderful beers with Nordic accents.”

“Weird and wonderful” is at least half-right in this instance, though it has been getting a more positive response than you would expect. The production of 60,000 bottles of the limited edition beer was backed by Denmark’s Agriculture and Food Council, who have refer to the enterprise as “Beercycling”.

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