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This mom’s hilariously gross baby photo has other parents saying, ‘Girl, same’

Being a parent requires emotional fortitude, a sense of responsibility, and a strong backbone. But, more than anything, it requires an insane amount of wet wipes.

Desirae Robles is a new mom living in Texas with her daughter, Addelina. And, as Desirae knows all too well, being a mom requires the patience of a damn saint.

Recently, Desirae was playing with Addelina when the baby decided to puke all over Desirae’s face. (Because babies have excellent timing that way.) Instead of immediately flipping out, Desirae remained calm and took a photo of the gross-out moment to send to her boyfriend and Addelina’s dad, Larry Estrada. 

“It was one of the moments you can’t ever forget, so I had to send it to him to see,” she tells BuzzFeed.

Desirae tweeted the unfortunate spit-up photo, along with a shot of Addelina’s adorably mischievous post-puking face. The tweet garnered over 132,000 likes and 37,000 retweets.

Desirae’s gross parenthood tweet inadvertently led to a chain-reaction of moms posting their own, relatable gross-out baby moments.

The responses quickly progressed from puke and boogers to straight-up poop. (Consider yourself warned.)

Some non-mothers were too disgusted by the pics, and said “NOPE” to babies altogether.

However, gross bodily fluids pretty much come with the territory when you’re a mom.

“She’s done that before,” Desirae told BuzzFeed of Addelina’s vomit fountain. “She’s pooped on me and stuff, but of course — you can’t be mad about it.”

It didn’t bother me. She’s my daughter.”


Babies look so cute when they’re sleeping, you can almost forget about how they spew fluids out of every possible orifice when they’re awake.


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