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This Military Expert Claims These Pictures Are Proof That North Korea’s Weapons Are Fake

It’s safe to say that international relations between North Korea and the rest of the world have never been more antagonistic. In the face of nuclear tensions, the militaristic, isolationist communist state has only become more militaristic when threatened by pressure from the United States, Russia and China. With foreign fleets now patrolling the Korean Peninsula thanks to U.S. President Donald Trump taking a more hardline stance on North Korea, many experts are worried that a major conflict is brewing.

As a result of the latent tensions, North Korea has been keen to show off its military prowess and extensive arsenal of devastating weaponry. It’s been well-known that North Korea has a nuclear arsenal, and ever since their scientists managed to put a satellite into space back in 2012, many have speculated that North Korea is trying to design an intercontinental ballistic missile system to strike the West coast of the United States.

North Korea has made many threats to this effect, although a purported “major” test of their nuclear strength ended in abject failure, after the ICBM exploded mere moments after its launch. As if this wasn’t threatening enough, Kim Jong-un has seriously upped the amount of military parades in the nation’s capital of Pyongyang, and the recent Day of the Sun festival – a holiday celebrating the birth of Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung – showed thousands of soldiers armed to the teeth, marching through the streets in preparation for battle.

However, despite this formidable show of force, not everyone is so convinced that North Korea is prepared to declare war, and in fact one commentator is convinced that Kim Jong-un is actually faking it. The purported evidence in favour of this theory is actually pretty compelling.

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