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This Man Drew His Girlfriend a New Comic Every Day for 5 Years

In every relationship, there are small everyday moments that are special and unique to the two of you in one way or another – but which will also escape your memory as time moves on. That’s exactly why Pete Duffield began to illustrate his and his partner Kellie’s relationship. Every day Pete picks a funny, moving or sad moment, no matter how big or small, and eternally captures it in his drawings, with captivating results.

Five years down the line, he has an Instagram account where he shares his incredible project with his small but loyal following, as they enjoy his, Kellie, and their daughter Poppy’s tender moments which are often interspersed with silly crude humour, truly summing up what it’s like to be in love with your family.

1. “The time I had just got out of the bath and didn’t realise I was exposing myself whilst watching TV”

2. “When Kellie is having a hard time I try my best to help her through it, because I know she’ll do the same for me. Take care of each other, guys”

3. “Warm nights”

4. “Sometimes Kellie and I will be talking to each other and we’ll suddenly break out in spontaneous silent dancing”

5. “Anyone else do that thing where you’re so tired you’re actually too tired to begin the bedtime routine, so you just continue to sit there exhausted?”

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