This Little Girl's "Spirited Away" Costume Was So Adorable (And Creepy) It Became A Meme

Last night, I bought over 30 dollars worth of King Size Reese’s — objectively the best Halloween candy — because I wanted to be the best house for Trick-or-Treating in the neighborhood. Do you know how many kids came to my door? Not one. I had to bring all those Reese’s to Starbucks and give them to my barista, and he didn’t even want them!

 sad barista
“Um, we try to keep it healthy around here. Oh, and your triple soy half-caramel half-vanilla mochachino with extra whipped is coming right up.”

So believe me when I say, I am beefin’ right now with Halloween kids. Every Facebook post I see from a d-bag parent of their goofball kid dressed up as a Kylo Ren or a dinosaur astronaut boils my blood. Why didn’t you bring them over to my house, you sons of bitches?! But even me, a decidedly bitter Halloween adult, almost teared up when I saw this adorable little girl dressed up as No-Face, of Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away fame.

Aww, I wonder if she too can devour those around her to obtain their physical and emotional traits?

Since the internet loves making its creepy things cute, they took the little sweetheart and meme’d the hell out of her. Here are some particularly cute ones!

litttle girl no face

 little girl viral no face costume


A photo posted by 1991• EYE (@eyeeeees) on Nov 1, 2016 at 12:22pm PDT

Of course, not everyone was so swept up by the costume. One little girl who had class with sweet baby No-Face here was decidedly not a fan:

“I just hate the over-commercialization of Halloweeeeeen. Why can’t we be individuals and craft our own costumes and characters instead of– instead of–” *deep heaving gasps* “perpetually referencing existing popular culturrrrrrrrrre.”


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