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This Little Girl’s Adorable Reaction To A “Robot” Will Make Your Heart Explode

There is nothing quite as adorable as a toddler meeting their very first robot. Well, at least we discovered this to be true after a recent YouTube video surfaced showing the world’s cutest little girl encountering what she believes is a robot and her experience is too pure for this world.

Rayna AKA the world’s most adorable toddler mistook a water heater for a robot and began talking to it.

The now-viral video entitled “Rayna meets a ‘robot’” will be the cutest thing you see today. In the video, a toddler (Rayna) sees a discarded water heater on the side of her street and thinks it must be some kind of robot. So, she begins to strike up the most adorable conversation.

“Hi, robot.”
“Hi, robot.”
*tiny wave*
“I wuv you, robot.”
“I wuv you, robot.”

Tbh, we can see where she might get the idea. The water heater’s panel does resemble some square eyes and gives off a Wall-E type demeanor.

Unsurprisingly the “robot” gives no response, but Rayna continues to approach the machine and embrace it in an adorable hug.

I’m definitely not crying.

She then repeats “I wuv you robot” and it’s unbearably cute.

We don’t deserve you, Rayna.

Check out the full video below:

Since posting, the YouTube video has garnered over 600K views and people are understandably falling in love with this endearing story.

*Sniff* I just want someone to love me the way Rayna loves her wobot.

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