This Little Girl Got Her Hands on Some Highlighter, and It's Hilarious [Video]

The thing about toddlers is that they think literally everything either belongs either a) in their mouth or b) on their face. One little girl chose the latter when she discovered her mother’s bronzer/highlighter makeup and decided to do what looks like her own 100 layer challenge with the powders.

The only thing more terrifying/funny than that toddler’s completely gold-bronzed, Willy-Wonka-Oompa-Loompa-Christmas-Special face is the way her mother abruptly points the camera at her and says “YOU are the culprit!” That baby’s face when her mom calls her out is exactly how I imagine Jay-Z looked when Beyoncé found out he was cheating — pure, stone cold terror.

And of course, Twitter’s reactions to the video were pretty great, too…

On a more serious note, is it too early to call it that this baby is destined to be #FutureBeyonce?

Were you ever caught f*cking your parents’ sh*t up? Tell us about it on Twitter @Smosh!

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