This 'Incredibles' Fan Theory Is So Spot on It's Probably True

The Incredibles is definitely one of my favorite Pixar movies, and that’s really saying something! I’m such a Violet! and as with any successful movie, a sequel was pretty much always going to come out. But even in the Pixar world, where sequels take FOREVER, the Incredibles sequel has been a ridiculously long time coming. Like seriously. It’s been 15 EFFING YEARS.

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But was the 15 year gap just completely random or was there a reason for it? According to Tumblr user Sophicals, there is some meaning to it. A LOT OF MEANING.

Okay, you might want to sit down for this. Remember the scene in the Incredibles where Buddy said he couldn’t call off the missile because it was too late? Wait for it…

incredibles theory

15. Years. Sound familiar? HOW DID WE NOT ALL SEE THIS?! So what’s the meaning here? Are we looking at a sequel that is actually a prequel? Of course it could just be the way the schedule worked out, but there’s no way a 15 year time-gap in a movie that featured the phrase “15 years” so prominently is just a coincidence, right? Everyone on the Internet seems to believe whatever the plot line ends up being, it will involve Syndrome in some way. YAY!

Here’s the INCREDIBLE scene in question, that will hopefully trigger some guesses as to what the significance of a 15 year wait will be!

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incredibles theory
tumblr on dads

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