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This Heroic Kid Went To Work With His Mom And Dressed Up Like Godzilla

As a kid, going to work with your parents can be a drag. Occasionally you have to find a way to spice things up.

Indiana University professor Erika Biga Lee’s 7-year-old son Max had Wednesday off from school — however, Lee’s classes at the university are still in session. So, Lee did what any parent would do, and brought Max to the university with her. “His school has parent-teacher conferences once a semester, and his dad works out of town, so he has to go with me to my university course that day,” Lee tells BuzzFeed News.

Max did what any 7-year-old would do, and dressed up as Godzilla.

It’s understandable why a little kid would feel compelled to assume Godzilla’s identity when hanging around a college campus. After all, for a kindergartener, college is pretty damn boring. What better way to spice things up than walking around dressed as an enormous, reptilian monster?

Undergrad instructor Nathaniel Ferguson tweeted out photos of Max’s classroom appearance, which went massively viral. 

“Max is a big Godzilla fan,” Ferguson told BuzzFeed News. “Last year for Halloween Max went as Godzilla and he has been in love with the costume ever since.”

“He brought it to school because this kid just loves Godzilla, and when he got to class his mom and the class encouraged him to put the suit on.”

Lee says that her students are generally big fans of Max’s unorthodox classroom appearances, and that she only lets Max scamper around the classroom for a few moments to minimize the disruption for her students. “Most of them just laugh and enjoy his goofy antics for a moment. Some are uncomfortable I think … They don’t know if it’s OK to laugh. He loves it.”

Nobody should really be surprised, though: this isn’t the first time Max has shown up to the university in costume. Last year, he came to work with his mom dressed as the world’s cutest T-Rex.

Major props to Max for finding ways to add dinosaurs to boring situations. Hopefully we can all endeavor to be more like him.

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