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This Guy Reenacted Rihanna’s Met Gala Outfit With Laundry And It’s Spot On

Everyone is talking about last night’s 69th Annual Met Gala. But what the hell is it really about? Every year, during the first month of May, celebrities get together for Anna Wintour’s prom. The fashion stakes are high because everyone and their moms will be tweeting their hilarious opinions the next day.

So who came out on top? A handful of stars became today’s major headlines but Rihanna stole the show with her flower petal Comme Des Garcons gown. Which is why we weren’t surprised to see it stir some hilarious point of views on the Internet today. Our favorite so far is from Mina Gerges, who is successfully known for reenacting A-lister’s iconic outfits and poses. But the real question we need you to answer is, who wore it better?

Rihanna or Mina Gerges’ laundry?

Make no mistake, we love prestigious fashion but will always enjoy a good laugh when we see one. Check out some more of his twin wins below.

Rita Ora or Mina Gerges’ cheese head?

Chrissy Teigen or Mina Gerges’ garbage bags?

Kim Kardashian or Mina Gerges’ toilet paper?

What do you think?


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