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This Guy Made The Best Dating Resume And Now Everyone Wants To Date Him

We’ve all been there. You need a date for the formal, but you’re too busy studying in the library to spend hours trawling through Tinder in order to look for a match. What a conundrum.

Thanks to Michigan State University student Ashley Harrington, however, it’s clear that there’s a very simple solution to this problem: get your friend to post about your dazzling good looks on the event’s Facebook wall. That’s exactly what Harrington did for her blonde-haired blue-eyed roommate, and the response she got was pretty impressive.

However, things didn’t end there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a guy called Joe Adams made the ultimate social media slam dunk and posted a wonderfully designed dating resume which he’d clearly been sitting on for a long time.

The resume pointed out 21-year-old Adams’ various qualities, including his ability to cry during Marley & Me, pose with a llama, and his love of breakfast foods. Doesn’t he sound like the kind of guy you’d want to date?

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