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This guy hilariously dragged his friend for always taking terrible photos, and Twitter sympathizes

Not everyone is gifted with a natural eye for photography. Not every individual understands which lighting is most flattering to faces, and which angles make for the most appealing photos.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals end up being your friends, who take terrible photos of you and then tag you in said photos on Facebook. Often, this friendship crime goes unreported, and people aren’t called out for their shoddy photo skills — but one guy has finally decided to speak up and expose his best friends for taking truly heinous photographs.

20-year-old University of Georgia student and model Anthony Keeling recently tweeted out evidence of his friend Ricky’s crimes against photography — specifically, this less-than-picturesque photo of Anthony on a cruise to the Bahamas.

Apparently, Anthony had simply wanted a memorable photo against the amazing blue water, but Ricky left him with a bunch of ridiculous and unattractive photos that were barely usable.

“When I saw the pics my immediate reaction was … just very annoyed,” Anthony told BuzzFeed, laughing. “I asked Ricky to look at the pictures he had taken and asked if someone took pictures like that of him, would he post them anywhere — and of course his answer was ‘hell no!’”

After Anthony’s tweet, people started sharing their own unfortunate photos, courtesy of various friend photographers.

Anthony adds that the least you can do when taking a photo of a friend is to help them look good.

“If you’re taking pics of someone and you know what they’re doing isn’t looking good, just politely tell them to change their expression/rotate their body, etc,” he tells BuzzFeed. “Help your friend!!!!”

The man speaks the truth, y’all.

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