This Grimy, Gritty Austin Powers Fan-Trailer Is What We Want From 'Austin Powers 4'

Youtuber Ryan Shukis cut together a trailer for Mike Myers’ Austin Powers series, but unlike most fan-trailers, this isn’t a celebration of the spy spoof. No, Shukis’ trailer is a mockery of all grimdark movie reboots we see in theaters today! Oh behave, Ryan Shukis! (Jesus I can’t even type that without feeling embarrassed.)

And as fun as this trailer is, it’s on the right track. As rumors of a fourth Austin Powers film swirl, it’s important to note how much the spy genre has changed since 2002’s Austin Powers in Goldmember. A fourth Austin Powers won’t have the goofy Roger Moore Bond films to kick around anymore —nowadays spy movies are all about brutal fights in bathrooms and haunting piano scores and angst-ridden heroes that THIS CITY NEEDS and multi-film story arcs and somehow still misogyny? (Why was that the one feature from the old Bond movies the Daniel Craig series held onto? Was being awful to women a part of the Bond mythology fans were just waiting to see click into place? Were we supposed to cheer when Bond walked into the shower uninvited with an abuse survivor the same way we did when he opened his garage to reveal he still had the Aston Martin DB5?)

In any event, Austin Powers will be just as out of place in today’s world of gritty spies as he was being unfrozen in the ’90s. If another Austin Powers movie does come to pass, it’s these tropes — the over-seriousness, the excessive violence, the shaky-cam chase scenes — it’ll have to parody. It’d be a hard pivot to pull off, going from mocking goofiness to mocking seriousness. Honestly, no one would blame Myers if he just let it be.

Plus, a fourth Austin Powers movie would have to bring back catchphrases like “yeah baby, yeah!” and “shall we shag now, or shall we shag later?” I don’t know if even Mike Myers has the lack of shame necessary to do that. The only people quoting Austin Powers in 2016 are dads and Gamestop assistant managers over 35 who just got transferred to a new store.


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