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This Girl’s Viral Tweet Could Save Her Dad’s Life

While many of us enjoy a few drinks to relax or celebrate, some of us take things a little too far sometimes—even to the extent that it causes family problems. At that point, maybe it’s time to stop.

This is @kttorresss from Houston, Texas.

On Monday night, she tweeted a picture of a conversation with her dad. Her dad promised to stop drinking beer and smoking cigarettes if she got 25,000 retweets.

@kttorresss wrote on Twitter, “my dad makes this very impossible for me. help !!!”

Many people on Twitter were very supportive, and shared personal stories.

Within hours, she passed her goal.

Others were skeptical, and noted that it’s not that easy.

Some people want KT to keep us posted, since the father’s promise is easier said than done.

Of course, @kttorresss knows it’s an unusual move, but she really just wants her dad to stop—and if this gets him to finally quit, then who cares?

Good luck! We hope her dad stays true. You can do it!

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