This 'Girls Taking a Selfie' Statue is The Most Basic Thing That Ever Happened

Like it or not, selfies are ingrained in our culture. Old and young, male and female, fully basic and slightly basic — most of us have held out our phones to get a picture of ourselves. And while it’s really just the easiest way to portray a version of ourselves that looks a lot cooler/prettier/more fun than we really are, the selfie is a mostly-harmless form of self-expression/narcissism.

Until now. Because this.

#Graduation day. But first, #letstakeaselfie #SugarLandTX #SLTX

A photo posted by Giovanni Cardona (@giovanni_cardona) on May 29, 2016 at 8:31am PDT

That statue, located in Sugar Land, Texas, is part of a 10 piece city-wide public art donation that intends to show common activities. Because it was donated, the statue wasn’t paid for by taxpayers (thankfully) and has no real “agenda” besides being a “fun” tourist attraction that gives people the opportunity to take — you guessed it — selfies. And as ridiculous as that thing is, you have to admit taking a selfie is as common as it gets these days. Still, this guy makes the most important point…

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