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This Girl Just Dumped Her Boyfriend Using A Spotify Playlist

There is no easy way to break up with someone. No matter if you are breaking things off with a casual romantic interest or a long term partner, things can easily get messy when one’s feelings or pride are hurt. Clearly, though, there are some ways of ending a relationship that are more thoughtful and sensitive than others.

It might not be advisable, for example, to merely text your significant other the immortal phrase “ur dumped”. If any breakup method is going to have ramifications, it is that one. Similarly, it might be kind to avoid any kind of public humiliation, whether in a busy park or over the unforgiving platforms of social media.

Essentially, you want to make the end as painless as possible for the other person, while still giving them enough space to heal without checking if they are OK every five minutes. Unfortunately, one Spotify user doesn’t appear to have read the breakup handbook, after she ended things with her boyfriend in an altogether unorthodox manner.

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