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This Girl Is Going Viral For The Laughably Bad Picture She Drew Of Her Girlfriend For Her Locket

It’s nice to have little reminders of your significant other throughout your daily routine. Like a photo of them on your desk, or a cute couple pic as your phone background — or, in some cases, an incredibly unflattering portrait strung around your neck!

Twitter user Alexis apparently ordered a locket from JC Penney recently, and wanted to find a way to commemorate her girlfriend inside the necklace’s tiny compartment. Unfortunately, she didn’t actually have any physical photographs to cut up. So, she decided to improvise and draw a stunning portrait instead.

And by “stunning portrait,” I mean the head of a stick figure.

So stunning! Such a delicate beauty! Such … not having a nose!

Obviously Alexis wasn’t terribly concerned with accuracy or detail, but the rest of Twitter was absolutely crying over the slipshod portrait.

The image was so hilarious that people couldn’t help but play along and show off their own “beautiful portraits” of significant others. They were all .. staggeringly beautiful.

So much artistic talent.

Everyone was absolutely overcome with emotion.

Hats off to Alexis for creating a piece of artwork that truly spoke to the internet. Not all of us are born with artistic gifts — but those who are have an immense responsibility to the general public.

Hopefully her girlfriend is chill with being compared to a two-dimensional stick figure, though!

What do you think?


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