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This Dude’s Crazy Viral Tweet Could Earn Him Free Wendy’s Nuggets For A Year

Wendy’s is known for their heat—on Twitter, that is. And their chicken nuggets aren’t bad either. Now, social media is colliding with snacks, as one dude might get the most retweets of all time and free chicken nuggets for a year.

On Wednesday, Carter Wilkerson tweeted a simple question to the fast food chain:

Wendy’s replied with an impossible demand—or so they thought:

For context, the most retweeted tweet ever is Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie, with nearly 3.3 million:

Nonetheless, Carter was confident:

He reached out and asked for some help—and got it. He now has 1.2 million RTs and counting:

Wendy’s was surprised.

Or, as the restaurant put it, they’re “Officially SHOOK.”

Will his tweet break the record?

Will his next nuggets be free?

While the 18 million mark is incredibly high, surely Wendy’s will take care of Carter either way.

Help Carter get his nuggets, and give him a RT.

What do you think?


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