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This Couple Came Up With A Hilariously Honest Bob Ross-Inspired Pregnancy Announcement

The slew of “creative” online pregnancy announcements are often so twee and contrived that you find yourself rolling your eyes even as you should be celebrating some couple’s happy news. There are only so many “bun in the oven” puns that a person can take, dammit.

Fortunately, there are still couples out there who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that their friends and family are actually entertained by their pregnancy announcement.

Reddit user Reubek recently posted a photo of his friends announcing their impending parenthood — with a decidedly irreverent Bob Ross take.

The photo features a guy in a curly wig painting a sonogram on the stomach of his partner while she holds a sign reading “October 2017.” The closed captioning underneath reads “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

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Damn. That is both adorable and … slightly awkward?

I mean, yes, this a creative way to tell your family that you’re knocked up, but it’s also a pretty hilariously honest way of admitting that you maybe had too much to drink one night and forgot to wear a condom — but that you’re celebrating anyway!

And yes, this “happy little accident” adage is from Bob Ross himself during one of his Joy of Painting episodes.

One thing’s for sure: this kid is certain to have some pretty hilarious family photoshoots as he or she grows up.

Everyone else: please up your pregnancy announcement game. As a total stranger who has no bearing on your life choices whatsoever, I simply request that you put a little more creativity and humor in your future pregnancy announcements so that I (again, a total stranger) can chuckle at them. It’s really all I ask.

Thank you very much.

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