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This artist is reimagining Disney characters in modern times, and it’s way too real

Disney characters are so ingrained in our childhoods that it often feels like we’re truly close with these fictionalized beings. But what would happen if these characters actually existed in our modern reality? Would it be amazing, or would the results be disastrous?

In his “Alt Disney” series, artist Tom Ward decides to entertain this idea by illustrating what Disney characters might be up to if they existed during modern times. While some of the results are pretty entertaining, many of them offer sobering and scathing commentary about modern life and its decidedly non-magical qualities.

Pinocchio’s long nose actually becomes an asset!

Prince Charming has a side piece, obvs.

Simba, Tigger and Shere Khan are unwilling employees at Ringling Bros.

Baloo is someone’s unfortunate pet (before Mowgli comes along).

Jasmine is stuck cleaning the Magic Carpet while the boys have their own adventures.

Arthur gets distracted from the whole “King” thing.

Peter Pan’s plans are thwarted by the surveillance state.

Ariel has, um, a little more to love, thanks to pollution.

Alice never gets to Wonderland, thanks to her unhealthy eating habits.

Robin Hood has to fight fox hunters in addition to King John.

Dumbo is one of the last of his species left around. (MY HEART.)

Well, at least Gaston and Le Fou have a happier ending in modern times.

While some of these would certainly make for interesting story arcs, I think I’ll still stick with the original versions, lest my childhood be ruined forever.

Also, reality officially sucks.

What do you think?

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