This All-Boys' School's Video on Feminism is Going Viral

If you use the internet (and you clearly do), then you probably know that today, March 8th, is International Woman’s Day. In honor of this, students from Sydney Boys High School in Sydney, Australia made a video where they asked the women in their lives why feminism was important to them. Then, they themselves read the answers, as the women, into the camera. The video is going viral because, hey, it turns out that hearing women’s sexist experiences through the voices and faces of young men is a pretty eerie and powerful thing…

What makes this video so great is that virtually none of these experiences are things that men have to go through on a daily/weekly/yearly/life-ly basis, but hearing these young men speak as if these experiences were their own really makes an impact. It highlights how ludicrous and unfair it is that women should ever have to endure such bullsh*t, JUST because they are women. (I mean, unless you’re a guy whose dad told you you had thunder thighs when you were 12 — in that case, I’m so sorry, and also f*ck your dad).

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