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This afternoon the Department of Unexpected Interspecies…

This afternoon the Department of Unexpected Interspecies Friendship is hanging out with Chowder the pot-bellied pig and her five rescued canine friends, Rika, Slick, Nya, James, Bashe. Together they form Piggypoo_and_crew and they live in Souther California with their doting human, Shelby Madere.


In an interview with the Instagram blog, Madere openly expressed her devotion to every one of the animals.

“My Wonderful Treasures Devotion and Commitment. …When I look at my crew, I see the reflection of who I am in them. Their happiness, their safety, their health, their whole lives rely on me and I will never ever let them down.”

Follow Chowder and her pupper pals on Instagram to keep up with their latest heartwarming adventures.

[via My Modern Met]

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