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This Abandoned Dog Refused To Be Rescued, Until She Saw This…

We always talk about how a dog is a man’s best friend, but have you ever wondered about the bond between two dogs? Our canine pals are the loyalest creature in the whole animal kingdom, so we can only imagine how deep their friendships go.

After spending six months living a miserable life together in a Los Angeles truck yard, these two dogs were surrounded by several humans who they had never seen before. Although to the human eye it was as a kind-hearted rescue attempt, all the two terrified dogs saw was themselves being cornered and trapped with no way out. That was until this happened…

1. Us Against The World

When times get tough, it appears that all you really need is someone by your side to let you know it’s going to be okay. That’s exactly what happened to these two dogs when they became homeless. The pair of loveable pups became fast friends and it was them against the world as they fought to survive the rough streets of Los Angeles.

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