This 5 Second-Video Will Crash Your iPhone, FYI

No one said the iPhone was perfect (except maybe Steve Jobs), and now it has yet another bug that needs to be worked out: A link to a five second video (that your d*ck friend will surely send you) has the power to completely crash your phone 10 seconds after watching it. The Verge put together this helpful video showing exactly what happens to your phone when you click on the video:

You’d think your iPhone would be more powerful than a sh*tty little video, but no. The corrupt video automatically plays in the default player, and so begins the path to destruction for your phone. And the crash doesn’t happen immediately — your phone will act normally for about 10 seconds before it starts acting like it just got shot with a tranquilizer dart. Sure, you CAN get your phone back to normal by holding the power and home buttons to trigger a manual reset, but ain’t nobody got time for dat.

So when your d*ck friend Chad sends you a video link with the caption “LOL” or “HOLY SH*T DUDE YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS!” just do what is always best when it comes to Chad — don’t trust him.

Has your phone ever completely malfunctioned from a corrupt video like this one? Tell us about it on Twitter @Smosh!

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