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Thinking about Jabba the Hutt doesn’t usually make us hungry….

Thinking about Jabba the Hutt doesn’t usually make us hungry. But then Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin of thePieous made these awesome Jabba the Hutt Turnovers and now we’re craving a bite of Jabba’s cinnamon and apple-filled body.

“Jabba’s rotund frame actually makes for a perfect pocket to contain yummy apple-filling. Just try not to get salacious crumbs everywhere.”

Jessica even shared her recipe and so now we can be The Huttslayer by eating all the miniature Jabbas we want:

These were a blast to make (and eat) and took about 45 min to create.

I used:
– 2 apples
– bit of cinnamon
– one package of Pillsbury pre-made pie crust

Click here for the complete recipe and step-by-step instructions.

Follow thePieous on Instagram for more of Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin’s geektastic baked goods.


[via Bored Panda]

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