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These Videos Make Gordon Ramsay Look Like A Terrible Chef

Gordon Ramsey is one of the most ruthless chefs around. He’s famed for his comebacks more so than his cooking, and Hell’s Kitchen makes for some compelling viewing. If I’m ever looking for a witty comeback, I’ll look to Gordon Ramsey for inspiration.

He first rose to fame as a chef, and has released countless cookery books detailing his recipes. As terrifying as he is, the tips and tricks he uses in his day-to-day cooking do come in useful sometimes. I’ve learnt that for even better results whilst cooking, address your ingredients in a forceful and angry tone. That’s what Gordon does, anyway.

Now, Gordon’s done us a solid and given us even more content to gawk over. Thankfully, the expletives are pretty rare, but the recipes posted online are so well-done, they make for some great viewing.

When I say that Gordon Ramsey has cooked up a storm in some new, online videos, I actually mean that a video-editing whizz has chopped up scenes from Ramsey’s cooking programme interspersed with clips of their own. If you’re looking to make crispy pancakes with added potato chips, you’re in for a treat. The video sees Gordon accidentally spilling milk over the counter, messily mixing eggs into the batter and adding a few Ready Salted crisps to the mix for good measure.

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