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These ever-so-lovely and geektastic lollipops` are the creations…

These ever-so-lovely and geektastic lollipops` are the creations of artisanal confectioner LIQ NYC. From famous paintings to pop culture icons to movie monsters to miniaturized galaxies and much more, they turn the humble sucker into an edible work of art,

“LIQ NYC creates lollipops in a variety of flavors like cherry and cotton candy. Many of their pops are made with just four ingredients—cane sugar, filtered water, cream of tartar, and a dash of salt, which gives them a transparent appearance so that its exquisite images can shine. Other edibles are made with Belgian white chocolate that acts as a blank canvas for sugar and food coloring imprints.”

Visit the LIQ NYC Etsy shop to check out many more of their tantalizing confections, like this set of suckers that look like the magnified images of different types of germs, yum!


[via My Modern Met]

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