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These Are The Most Amazing 2017 April Fools’ Day Pranks On The Internet

April Fools’ Day never fails to wreak havoc all over the media, making it nearly impossible to discern the real news from the “alternative facts” (not that this is unheard of for 2017). However, this year the devious pranksters of the internet took their high jinks to a whole new level.

These are by far some of the most ingenious tricks we’ve seen so far and we can only hope no real-life heart attacks were induced yesterday.

1. Netflix Live

This “teaser” was posted on Twitter Friday and features the hilarious Will Arnett just narrating several vague words. It may not be real,  but I’d probably still watch it.

2. The Google Gnome

From the creators of the Google Home, comes an all-new outdoor assistant; the Google Gnome. If only this was real. However, the Gnome wasn’t the only ingenious prank Google pulled on the internet this year. Check out their full list of April Fools shenanigans here.

3. These “All Stuff” Oreos with just the creme

Let’s be real, we would all eat these if they existed. This creative prank packaging was engineered by meme wizard Adam Padilla.

4. Mars life insurance from Progressive

screen shot 2017 04 02 at 10 26 40 am These Are The Most Amazing 2017 April Fools Day Pranks On The Internet

The popular insurance company Progressive fooled the internet yesterday with their campaign offering life insurance on planet Mars. Yes, really.

5. Zappos’ invisible, unstealable boxes

If only.

6. Emirates’ luxury airplane with a pool

Sadly, no one will be simultaneously flying and doing cannon balls into a pool anytime soon.

7. Pornhub’s automatic sharing

How many heart attacks were induced by this cruel joke yesterday?

8. Timehop updates from the future

screen shot 2017 04 02 at 10 31 41 am These Are The Most Amazing 2017 April Fools Day Pranks On The Internet

Well, this is concerning. A “Cash Me Ousside” musical!? How bou’ NO!

9. KFC’s smart bucket

Honestly, kind of a terrifying idea. I don’t need my fried chicken container speaking to me.

10. Amazon Echo with Petlexa

I would 100% buy this just to watch my dog interact with it. Why can’t you be REAL?

11. Airbnb’s “humanless host”

Just in case you’d like to avoid human contact altogether…This is seriously a 1:30 minute mini horror movie.

12. Turkey Hill’s cow dating site

Because everyone deserves to find true love, even cows.

13. T-Mobile ONEsies

Full-body coverage.

14. Virgin Australia’s doggie flight attendants

Why can’t this be real?

15. Petco’s “DooDoo Drone”

Pure genius, folks.

16. “Jim Beans”

The world renowned bourbon company is taking things a step further.

17. Hulu’s new fast forward feature

Now you can binge watch quicker than ever.

18. Honda horn emojis

When a horn just doesn’t cut it.

19. Burger King’s Whopper-flavored toothpaste

*throws up in mouth*

20. Kayak @ workthese are the most amazing 2017 april fools day pranks on the internet 2 These Are The Most Amazing 2017 April Fools Day Pranks On The Internet

So you can book those secret vacays under the radar.

21. A Hot Topic dating app

*flips hair* “So, you wanna go see MCR later?”

22. Snapchat’s “Insta-filter”

Yet, another great way to terrify people.

23. Royal Carribean’s ski resort cruise ship

Complete with snowy slopes.

24. Buffalo Wild Wings’ “Rally Beard Sauce”

Grow your beard the Wild Wings way.

25. Tom buying back MySpace

Can we not?

What do you think?


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