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There Is Now an ‘Indestructible Hoodie’ That Can Apparently Last 100 Years

Fashion quite often doesn’t stand the test of time. When we look back at what we used to wear, we cringe and shiver: double denim, drainpipe jeans, big clunky skate shoes, we’ve all done it. You open your old photo albums and instantly want to close them. There you are, hair gelled so hard it is literally stuck to your head, a baggy pair of jeans that cover your shoes and a top with flames on that says AWESOME in massive letters. What on Earth were you thinking?

Clothing also doesn’t usually stand the test of time physically. How many pairs of jeans do you reckon you have gone through in your life? I must be approaching the 50 mark. Or how many tops have you ripped on a night out? Or have a deep rooted stain on that you just cannot get rid of?

We all go through clothing like mad, slowly gathering an obscenely large wardrobe full of clothing that we cannot wear, but also can’t bring ourselves to chuck out. However, an experimental adventure clothing brand think they may have made the discovery that our wardrobes have been waiting for.

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