The World’s Largest Pair of Underwear Has Room to Fit Three People

Largest Underpants

Largest Underpants

Firebox is featuring The World’s Largest Underpants, an enormous pair of underwear that sports an 100″ waist and can fit up to three of your close friends inside. The mega massive underpants also feature a double front flap allowing two people to relieve themselves at the same time.

Whether you’re collectively taking part in a fund-raising marathon, wanting to keep your gonads extra toasty (100% cotton) or embarking on a death-defying pub crawl. You can bet your bottom dollar that you and your three amigos will stay closely bonded for the entire duration – The Worlds Largest Underpants will make sure of that with its sturdy and heavily elasticated waistband. Not to mention a trusty double flap at the front so at least two of you can have a piddle simultaneously, with the added benefit of zero accidental sword fights*.

Largest Underpants

Largest Underpants

Largest Underpants

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