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The world is about to get a little bit brighter thanks (once…

The world is about to get a little bit brighter thanks (once again) to Studio Ghibli, who’ve just announced the release of this awesome coin bank shaped like Kaonashi/No-Face from Spirited Away. The design is so perfect we’re stunned that it wasn’t created years ago.

The bank doesn’t just look like No-Face, it also behaves and sounds like the iconic river spirit, who grew ravenously hungry when surrounded by greedy guests at the bathhouse.

“Similar to the way that great Itazura Kitty Coin Bank worked, it’s activated when you place coins on the sake saucer. Kaonashi’s arms then raise that saucer to its mouth and your coins fall into the depths of its stomach. It even makes that “ah” sound when it’s activated, and then burps once the movement is complete.”

The Spirited Away No Face Munching Piggy Bank is set to go on sale May 20, 2017 via the official Studio Ghibli retailer, Donguri Kyowakoku. We’re hoping it won’t take long for sales to go international after that since we and pretty much everyone we know will need one.

[via Spoon & Tamago and RocketNews24]

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