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‘The Voice’ Fans Slam Delta Goodrem For Her ‘Bullsh*t Theatrics’ On The Show

Since 2010, the offering of music-based reality shows has had another high-quality addition. Originally conceived in the Netherlands, the Voice has captivated audiences across the globe, and several countries have adapted the original idea to fit their respective nation’s programming.

The concept is simple; a group of aspiring musicians are coached by some established music stars, in order to find the true “voice”; the winner of that season’s competition, who then gets a recording deal. Only thing is, the judges aren’t allowed to see the performer. Their chairs face the audience and they’re encouraged to focus on the music and talent of the contestant and not their looks. It’s only when they’ve finished that they’re allowed to take a peek.

While the contestants are ostensibly the stars of the show, the presence of superstar judges (such as or Maroon 5’s Adam Levine in the American version of the Voice) give the program an extra dimension of interest. Over in the Australia, one of the judges has come under significant fire, with many fans of the show taking to the internet to criticise her for what they perceive to be “bulls*** theatrics”.

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