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The Secret Service Can’t Afford The Trump Family’s Lavish Lifestyle


President Trump has not shied away from racking up air miles in the first few months of his presidency – frequently opting to spend the weekend at his Florida resort Mar-a-Lago. Media outlets estimated that one weekend trip to what is now being called the “Southern White House” could have cost the taxpayer around $3 million.

This cost is close to the estimated price of former President Obama’s annual winter vacation in Hawaii – a holiday thought to cost around $3.5 million for accommodation and security provisions. Trump himself heavily criticised this vacation, and President Obama’s spending on travel in general, as repeatedly documented on Twitter.

Some estimates suggest that Trump has already spent in a few trips, what Obama spent in a year. Forbes has postulated that three of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago trips cost around $10 million, which just falls shy of the average annual amount Obama spent on travel – $12.1 million. Obama’s total travel bill in his eight-year term is thought to stand at around $97 million. At the current rate, Trump is expected to outspend this figure in less than a year.

The president is not the only Trump whose trips are making a dent in public funds. Eric Trump travelled to Uruguay in January to promote the Trump family’s private business. However, his status as a member of the first family meant that he had Secret Service agents escort him, and their travel and accommodation costs set the taxpayer back around $100,000.

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