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The Richest Teenagers In The World (Try Not To Get Jealous)

It wasn’t easy being a teenager. Your body was changing, you had finals to pass at school, other teenagers to keep up with, and, let’s be real, unless you were super lucky, you probably didn’t have a lot of dough either.

Your idea of a big night out probably involved a trip to the movies, followed by a drive-thru McDonald’s – naturally, in a beat-up car you could barely drive. But some teenagers really do have it all. We’re going to give you the lowdown on the world’s 20 richest teenagers in 2017 – starting with the least rich (who’s probably still richer than you)!

What Would You Have Done As Rich Teen?

Whether your teenage years are long behind you, or if you’re still battling through them, try not to get too jealous of the richest teenagers in the world. We can admire their lifestyles from afar, and if nothing else live in the knowledge that whilst they’re richer than us, they probably don’t appreciate half of what they’ve got.

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