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The Only Thing Better Than “Friends” Is A “Friends” Drinking Game

Drinking games are fun for all adult ages. From college pre-games to old folks looking to get away from adulthood – many of us love to booze. And if you grew up watching Friends or discovered the classic show on Netflix, we’ve got the perfect entertainment idea for you.

Next time you’re looking to let loose or needing a serious ice breaker, try this drinking game. It’s guaranteed to make everyone happy and very, very drunk.

Take a sip anytime:

Ross says dinosaurs or Paleontologist.

Rachel gasps.

Monica yells at someone.

Joey acts in front of friends.

Phoebe says something flaky.

Ross stammers.

Chandler makes an awkward joke.

Monica cleans or cooks.

A celebrity guest appears.

Take a shot anytime:

Joey says ‘how you doin’?’

Phoebe sings a nonsensical song.

Rachel and Ross’ ‘break’ situation. 

Chandler fails to pick up a woman.

Janice laughs. 

Finish your drink anytime:

Ross’ divorce habit is brought up.

There is a high school flashback scene.

Phoebe makes fun of Ross or Chandler.

Gunther (Central Perk manager) stares at Rachel.

Joey successfully picks up a woman.

Monica’s previous weight is brought up.

Ross gets jealous.

Rachel thinks she might feel something for Ross (again).

What do you think?


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