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The Name for The New iPhone 8 Is Really, Really Bad

As Apple fans around the world count down to the release of the iPhone 8, the hype surrounding the new handset grows ever more intense. In fact, there have been so many different rumours swirling around the place that we hardly even need Tim Cook to spill the details.

Various news sites have revealed a wide range of new features, with some received a lot more warmly than others. We’ve already learned that the new iPhone could be built without a physical home button, and there are rumours that it will feature a USB-C port.

The USB-C port will already look familiar to Android and Kindle users, and will mean we’ve all got to go out and purchase yet another set of speakers to be able to play music from our iPhones. Great.

However, there’s one new announcement that even the most die hard of iPhone fans aren’t that happy about. It’s the name. What’s in a name, I hear you ask? Well, it would appear that Apple are about to break tradition and label their new phone something completely different.

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