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The moon is awesome. And soon, thanks to London-based designer…

The moon is awesome. And soon, thanks to London-based designer Oscar Lhermitte and the Kudu design studio, you can have the moon in your own home the form of a topographically accurate lunar globe that rotates in sync with the phases of the actual moon.

MOON exists at a 1:20 million scale and was created with data from NASA to reveal all of the moon’s craters in precise detail. As the round light or “sun,” rotates around the globe, dramatic shadows are cast across its surface.

The MOON can be manually rotated into the position you desire, set to show all of its phases in 30 seconds, or switched to its real-time internal clock so that you can watch a lunar month transpire as its actually happening. Just be extra careful not to invite any werewolves over when MOON is set to full.

Head over to the MOON Kickstarter page to learn more about this marvelous device.

[via Colossal and Faith is Torment]

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