The Last Song John Lennon Ever Recorded

Just a few weeks before his unexpected and tragic death on December 8, 1980, legendary musician John Lennon (formerly of The Beatles) went into the studio to work on a demo of the last song he unknowingly would ever record, a tender song entitled “You Saved My Soul (With Your True Love)”.

The appearance of ‘Serve Yourself’ is interesting indeed, as it shows that John was evidently still considering it for eventual release. ‘Real Love’ perhaps excluded, it certainly was the song he put most work into during the 1979—80 period ….so it clearly wasn’t a simple throw-away parody. Also making an appearance is a brief, taped over vocal rap “pop is the name of the game”. It’s odd that aside from guitar overdubs for ‘Walking On Thin Ice’ in early December, this would actually be Lennon’s last musical (if it can be so termed) work laid on tape.

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