The iRobot Terra, A Roomba That Mows the Lawn

iRobot has announced the release of the Terra, an outdoor version of their Roomba vacuum cleaner. This hands-free connected robot mows the lawn using the same Imprint Smart Mapping technology employed by their indoor versions. The system learns the pattern of the lawn and navigates a straight line while avoiding objects such as lawn decorations. Users can also schedule the Terra to mow the lawn at any time using a dedicated remote control.

With the Terra™ robot mower, iRobot is bringing its Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology to the lawn – and with its breakthrough standalone beacon technology, Terra™ can be easily installed without boundary wires or digging. The iRobot HOME App allows users to schedule and customize mowing preferences. … Terra™ knows where it is and where it’s going, enabling it to cut efficiently using systematic, straight line navigation.

The Terra robot mower is currently available for purchase in Germany and will be available in the United States through a 2019 beta program.

Terra iRobot Lawn Mower

iRobot Terra with Boundary

iRobot Terra Navigation


iRobot Terra - Beacon Placement

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