The Internet Is Stumped Trying to Find the Cat in This Pic of a Pile of Logs

Seeing an optical illusion passed around on the internet is kind of like driving by a car accident — you don’t have to look, but you kinda have to look. Today’s optical illusion is especially click-worthy, because it involves the internet’s favorite thing — cats! Well, it involves a cat. See if you can find the feline in the picture below!


Sadistic Reddit user waterhauler originally uploaded the picture, which now has over 400 comments, with many saying they thought they’d found it, but were instead seeing just a creepy shadow (isn’t the imagination grand?). So if you haven’t found the cat yet, or you THINK you’ve found it but you’re not sure… scroll below for some REALLY BIG hints…


The cat is in full-body view. So you don’t need to be looking for any tiny heads or eyeballs peering out of a crack or something.


The cat is asleep, where you would expect to find a cat to take a nap in an area such as this…

And if you can’t find it after those hints, I really can’t help you. I mean I could — I could just repost the image with big red arrows pointing towards it, but that’s no fun and I’m just as sadistic as waterhauler. Muahahahaha!

For those of you who got it, how long did it take? Did you have to “cheat” and look it up? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

Cat Pajamas
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