The Internet Desperately Wants the Philadelphia Zoo to Name Their New Baby Gorilla 'Harambe'

When the Philadelphia Zoo launched a naming contest this week, social media users flooded the it with thousands of suggestions to name its newborn baby gorilla after noted internet meme Harambe, because of course they did. Unless you haven’t had the internet for months, you’re aware that Harambe was an adult gorilla killed at Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year after a three-year-old boy fell into his enclosure.

The months-long “outrage” has now turned into a call for the Philadelphia Zoo to name the newborn gorilla after the fallen Harambe, which in turn has re-opened the floodgates for even more social media comments, jokes, and memes:

Zookeepers at the Philadelphia Zoo probably have no idea of the hell storm they just unleashed, especially if they don’t end up naming that baby some version of “Harambe”. (The sex of the newborn gorilla is unknown, but Harambe could be a unisex name, like Ryan or Sam or Taylor! [Ugh, let’s hope no one votes to name that poor little gorilla “Taylor”].) The zookeepers insist that despite the social media outcry, the name will be put to a public poll from a selection chosen by staff members. That’s right, we don’t even know if Harambe will make the shortlist. Godspeed to those zookeepers if that poll is anything but:

A) Harambe
B) Harambe Jr.
C) Harambelina
D) Harambe Harambe Harambe!
D) Haramabe “He Lives!” Harambe, and
E) #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty.

Will you vote for the baby gorilla to be named “Harambe” when the contest officially opens? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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