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The human body is composed of 18% carbon, but San…

The human body is composed of 18% carbon, but San Francisco-based sculptor Agelio Batle (previously featured here) has created a life-size human skeleton that’s 100% carbon. Entitled Ash Dancer, this graphite skellington is a both art and artistic medium.

“When placed on a custom made high-frequency vibrating table, the bones of the skeleton rub marks onto the surface, slowly creating an outline of its own form. The more the work rubs against the table, the more of itself is left behind, slowly transforming the graphite from sculpture to abstract drawings which Batle refers to as Ash Dances.”


Batle’s Ash Dancer is currently part of the murmer | tremble exhibition at the Jack Fischer Gallery in San Francisco which runs through December 29, 2016.

Visit Agelio Batle’s website to check out more of his beautiful graphite objects, some of which are available for purchase via the Colossal Shop.

[via Colossal and Gizmodo]

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