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The Hottest Celebrities With The Juiciest Lips In Show Business

What’s your best feature? Your legs? Eyes? Maybe you’ve got gorgeous flowing hair or a rock hard torso? Well, for these gorgeous celebs, their lips are definitely their standout feature. Plump, full and mesmerizing, these famous ladies really do have lips to die for.

ou need to check out how gorgeous these girls are, with their voluptuous lips and incredible taste in lipstick. Let’s see which hot female celebrities you think will be on the list, and which ones you’ll be drooling over the most. Have fun!

1. Juicy Lips

Some of the ladies with these lips you will expect to be on this list, but some of them you will be pleasantly surprised to see here! Come on, there’s some movie stars you are expecting to see. Or perhaps some models, like Kylie Jenner on this list. But let me tell you, these women aren’t guilty of doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Apart from Jenner, most of these lips are “au natural”.

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