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The Hammer Has Fallen On Teen’s Auction To Sell Her Virginity And The Amount Is Staggering

It’s pretty strange to think about the concept of virginity; all of us begin life with it, monks and nuns keep it until the day they die, but most of us will lose it at some point during adolescence or adulthood. It’s as everyday a concept as you could ever hope to find, and yet many cultures or religions imbue virgins with mystical, and even holy, properties. Even in the secular, post-enlightenment world, we tend to think of losing our virginity as a near-sacred rite of passage.

The concept of virginity is also inextricably linked with sexism and the inherent double-standard when it comes to sexuality. For young men, being a virgin can be a source of ridicule, and some teenage boys make a goal of losing their virginity as quickly as they can. Young women, on the other hand, are encouraged in some quarters to hold off as long as possible on having their first time.

Bearing that in mind, you might be forgiven for thinking that a person’s virginity is a priceless commodity, something with an immeasurable monetary value. You would, however, be wrong. It turns out that you can put a price on virginity, and if that virginity belongs to an attractive young woman, then that price can be very high indeed.

Out of financial desperation, an increasing number of young women around the world are resorting to the virginity auction, in which these women offer the highest bidder a chance to take their virginity, at an often exorbitant price. Aleexandra Khefren, an 18-year-old Romanian student, stunned the internet when she announced her plans to do exactly that. Now it seems the hammer has fallen and the auction is closed for good, but how much did Khefren’s maidenhead eventually go for?

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