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The Department of Mesmerizing Zoetropes is thrilled that a…

The Department of Mesmerizing Zoetropes is thrilled that a company called 4-Mation is creating DIY kits that’ll enable people to create their very own 3D tabletop zoetropes that bring hungry fish and leaping frogs to life.

“Jumping Frogs is our first animation, followed by Fish eating Fish, both were printed on a Form2. … It’s powered by 24 3Watt RGB LED strobes, precision timed by a microcontroller linked to an encoder motor. RPM(Strobe-rate), brightness, colour are all controlled from a phone app. The Android app (4-Mation) is already in the play store, iPhone app is in progress. Assemble the kit in about ½ hour then download and print one of our free animations – or design your own. Animations can be swapped in a minute.“

Sign up on the 4-Mation website to be notified when their Kickstarter launches.

[via Colossal and Laughing Squid]

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