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The Department of Impossible Cuteness grows giddy every time…

The Department of Impossible Cuteness grows giddy every time Japanese retailer Felissimo releases yet another awesome cat-related product. This time they’re making the world a better place by creating a line of Dreamily Soft and Squeezable Kitten Pouches.

How soft and squeezable are they? We’re so glad you asked. Felissimo says their kitten pouches are as soft as marshmallows:


As with many of Felissimo’s products, the kitten pouches are sold on a subscription-like system. Each month, buyers will receive a different design, with each costing 2,209 yen (US$20), a portion of which will go to an animal welfare organization (orders can be placed here). Staying in for four months means you’ll be assured of getting a complete set, and even if you opt out after just one month, it’s hard to imagine being disappointed with any of these little kitties showing up on your doorstep.

[via SoraNews24]

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