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The Department of Extraordinary Upcycling was delighted to…

The Department of Extraordinary Upcycling was delighted to discover the work of Irish artist Jan Campbell who was struck by the inherent beauty of an avocado pit and began experimenting with scratching its surface and carving it.

“Ever since that day, the Irish artisan has been turning avocado pits (or ‘stones,’ as she calls them) into tiny, intricately detailed figurines inspired by Celtic folklore. She carves the tranquil faces of forest spirits, the flowing hair of ancient goddesses, and even a handful of wild mushrooms now and then. The miniatures can be simply displayed as statues, or worn as pendants, and are meant to provide the holder with a unique sense of companionship and comfort.”

Campbell casts her avocado stone sculptures as bronze pendants and figurines, which can be purchased via Avocado Stone Faces or the Avocado Stone Faces Etsy shop.

Follow Jan Campbell on Instagram to keep up with her latest works of enchanted avocado art.


[via Bored Panda]

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