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The Department of Delicious Deception is always looking for…

The Department of Delicious Deception is always looking for tricksy new ways to consume cake. Sydney-based baker Andres Fatso of Baked by Andres creates awesome layer cakes that look exactly like bottles of soda. The inside layers are baked separately and assembled inside the chocolate exterior, which is formed in molds made from halved plastic soda bottles.

The green Sprite cake is Sprite is matcha flavored, the orange Fanta is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and the Coca-Cola bottle is Nutella. Each Soda Cake takes Andres about six hours to make.

Follow Baked by Andres on Instagram to check out more of Fatso’s creative baked goods.

[via Foodiggity and BuzzFeed]

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