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The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena loves a good…

The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena loves a good lightning show. “Transient,” a breathtaking new slow-motion video montage by Director of Photography Dustin Farrell, shows off one of nature’s most dazzling and impressive spectacles in a way that makes it feel like we’ve never truly seen lightning before now.

Throughout 2017, Farrell spent over 30 days driving 20,000 miles across the country chasing down weather systems capable of producing lightning. But capturing lightning is actually a little easier for Farrell than finding bad weather, as the Phantom Flex 4K camera that Farrell uses to record each bolt at 1,000 frames per second perpetually records what it sees. So as soon as lightning flashes across the sky, Farrell simply has to hit record and the slo-mo footage of the bolt is automatically saved to the camera’s memory.

[via Sploid]

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