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The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is currently…

The Department of Awesome Natural Phenomena is currently rejoicing because frozen bubble has returned. Martin, MI-based photographer Hope Carter uses both store-bought liquid soap and a homemade soap bubble mixture to create beautiful iridescent bubbles that immediately begin to crystalize in the bitter cold temperatures of the Midwest winter.

The colder the weather, the faster the bubbles freeze, and Carter’s main challenge lies in quickly capturing the delicate bubbles before they burst. While most pop within seconds, surprisingly, some sit frozen for minutes at a time—“I think the longest I’ve ever had a bubble remain intact was about seven minutes,” she recalls.

“I wish I knew how many I have blown, 10’s of 1,000’s by now as most pop by the time I am able to focus the camera,” she tells My Modern Met via email. “When I am able to successfully capture the photo of nature’s beauty, it brings nothing but pure joy!”

Visit Hope Carter’s website, Behance portfolio, or Facebook page to check out more of her stunning photos inspired by the beauty of the natural world.


[via My Modern Met]

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